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    Playlist for 6/22

    Special thanks to Sparct from “The Cog and the Whistles” for subbing my show this week!

    Nightwish-I Wish I Had An Angel-Once

    Blind Guardian-Curse My Name-At The Edge Of Time
    Falconer-Stand in Veneration-Chapters from a Vale Forlorn
    Blind Guardian-Turn the Page-A Twist In The Myth
    Falconer-Lord of the Blacksmiths-Falconer
    Stolen Babies-Splatter-Naught
    Blind Guardian-This Will Never End-A Twist In The Myth
    Tub Ring-Glass Companion-The Great Filter
    Masterplan-Spirits Never Die-Masterplan
    The Blake Robinson Orchestra-An Unhealthy Obsession-Youtube
    The Men That Will Not Be Blamed For Nothing-Ebenezer’s Carol-A Very Steampunk Christmas EP
    Stolen Babies-Filistata-There Be Squabbles Ahead
    Alestorm-Keelhauled-Black Sails At Midnight
    Alestorm-Of Treasure-Captain Morgan’s Revenge
    Blaggards-Drunken Sailor-Standards
    The Blake Robinson Orchestra-Blood And Bones-Youtube
    Abney Park-Throw Them Overboard-Aether Shanties
    Masterplan-Sail On-Masterplan
    Primal Fear-Riding the Eagle-16.6 (Before the Devil Knows You’re Dead)
    Elvenking-The Divided Heart-The Scythe
    Alestorm-The Quest-Black Sails At Midnight
    Stolen Babies-A Year of Judges-There Be Squabbles Ahead
    Vernian Process-Something Wicked (That Way Went)-Spotify
    Blind Guardian-Lionheart-A Twist In The Myth
    Asp-Duett (Das Minnellied der Incubi)- Requiembryo
    Tub RIng-My Job Here is Done-The Great Filter
    Blind Guardian-Valkyries-At The Edge of Time
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    Playlist for 6/15/13

    Christopher Lee - The Portent - Charlemagne: The Omens of Death

    Christopher Lee - Massacre of the Saxons - Charlemagne: The Omeans of Death
    Stratovarius - Stand My Ground - Nemesis
    Lordi - The Riff - To Beast or Not to Beast

    Masterplan - Black Night of Magic - Novum Initium
    Spock’s Beard - Afterthoughts - Brief Nocturnes and Dreamless Sleep
    Spiritual Beggars - Sweet Magic Pain - Earth Blues
    Kvelertak - Nekrokosmos - Meir
    A Sound of Thunder - The Day I Die - Out of the Darkness

    Persefone - Mind as Universe - Spiritual Migration
    Anciients - Raise the Sun - Heart of Oak
    Anciients - Overthrone - Heart of Oak
    Kalmah - Deadfall - Seventh Symphony

    Children of Bodom - Scream for Science - Halo of Blood
    Shade Empire - Ash Statues - Omega Arcane
    The Black Dahlia Murder - Into the Everblack - Everblack
    Arsis - Handbook for the Recently Deceased - Unwelcome

    Scale the Summit - The Dark Horse - The Migration
    TesseracT - Of Matter - Retrospect - Altered State
    Kalmah - Windlake Tale - Seventh Symphony
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    Playlist for 6/8/13

    Sigh - Corpsecry - Angelfall - Imaginary Sonicscape

    Unexpect - Chromatic Chimera - In a Flesh Aquarium
    Porcupine Tree - Anesthetise - Fear of  a Blank Planet
    Summoning - Old Mornings Dawn - Old Mornings Dawn
    Tristania - Requiem - Darkest White
    Nightwish - Ocean Soul - Century Child
    Epica - Deter the Tyrant - Requiem for the Indifferent

    3 Inches of Blood - Night Marauders - Fire Up the Blades
    Grave Digger - Twilight of the Gods - Rheingold
    Lost Horizon - Highlander (the One) - Flame to the Ground
    Running Wild - Soulless - Black Hand Inn
    Iron Savior - Tyranny of Steel - Battering Ram
    Primal Fear - Angel in Black - Nuclear Fire
    Gamma Ray - Solid - No World Order

    Stormwarrior - Ragnarok - Heading Northe

    Lordi - Hard Rock Hallelujah - The Arockalypse

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    Playlist for 6/1/13

    Steven Wilson - Sectarian - Grace for Drowning
    Summoning - Flammifer - Old Mornings Dawn
    Dark Tranquility - For Broken Words - Construct
    Amorphis - Shades of Gray - Circle

    Trouble - Endtime - Psalm 9
    Witchripper - Hydra - Witchripper EP
    Devin Townsend - War - Infinity
    Kvelertak - Utrydd Dei Svake - Kvelertak
    Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats - Under the Spell - Poison Apple EP

    Therion - Emerald Crown - Deggial
    Hammers of Misfortune - Going Somewhere - 17th Street
    October Falls - Bloodlines - The Plague of a Coming Age
    Blind Guardian - Into the Storm - Nightfall in Middle Earth
    Tristania - Number - Darkest White

    Electric Wizard - The Chosen Few - Witchcult Today
    Edge of Sanity - Of Darksome Origin - Purgatory Afterglow
    My Dying Bride - A Pale Shroud of Longing - The Manuscript

    Haggard - Per Aspera Ad Astra - Eppur Si Muove

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    Playlist for 5/25/13

    Special thanks to DJ Azrael for subbing this show!
    *** New Release
    +++ Request
    Strapping Young Lad - All Hail the New Flesh - City
    Blind Guardian - Into the Storm - Nightfall in Middle-earth
    Emerald Sun - Sword of Light - Absolute Power: The Definitive Power Metal Collection
    *** Ancient VVisdom - Deathlike - Deathlike
    Powerglove - X-Men Theme - Saturday Morning Apocalypse
    DragonForce - Die By The Sword - The Power Within
    Unleashed - We Must Join With Him - Midvinterblot
    Devin Townsend Project - Sumeria - Deconstruction
    Dimmu Borgir - Dreamside Dominions - Spiritual Black Dimensions
    Dog Fashion Disco - Gardenia - Beating a Dead Horse to Death…Again
    Vintersorg - ESP Mirage - Visions from the Spiral Generator
    Rhapsody of Fire - Knightrider of Doom - Tales from the Emerald Sword
    Mendeed - Blood Brothers - The Dead Live by Love
    Devin Townsend - Ziltoidia Attaxx!!! - Ziltoid the Omniscient
    Gamma Ray - Heavy Metal Universe - Powerplant
    Bal-Sagoth - Summoning the Guardians of the Astral Gate - Starfire Burning the Ice-Veiled Throne of Ultima-Thule
    Powerglove - Transformers Theme - Saturday Morning Apocalypse
    Unexpect - Sumoning Scenes - In a Flesh Aquarium
    Devin Townsend - New York, New York - SIN-atra: A Heavy Metal Tribute to Frank Sinatra
    Sleepytime Gorilla Museum - The Companions - In Glorious Times
    Demons & Wizards - Heaven Denies - S/T
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